Voicelive 3 Phaser - Solved!

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- well, solved for me at least!

I'm new to the Voicelive 3, but not new to recording, having done so for forty years and having a modest share of hit records along the way.

Anyway, I've heard it said that there's no phaser in Voicelive 3, but the uMod block can be set to provide a perfectly serviceable phaser as follows:

Level: 0 dB
Speed: 0.20 Hz
Detune: 0 cents
Depth: 94 percent
Dry Gain: 0 dB
Width: 100 percent
Phase: 0 deg
Wave: Triangle
Inv Phase: Both
Delay Left: 2.1 ms
Delay Right: 2.1 ms
Low Cut: 261 Hz
High Cut: 8127 Hz
Feedback L: -8 percent
Feedback R: -8 percent
XFB L: 0 percent
XFB R: 0 percent

(note the "minus" on those Feedback settings)

This sounds great on heavilly distorted guitar, and of course, you should adjust settings to suit personal taste.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

Phaser Substitute

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Really interesting work-a-round , I will try this .

EZ :


Notes on the Settings

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A couple of notes on those settings above.

I was going for a smooth musical tone on this phaser. If however you want to go for near-full phase cancellation, just flatten out the filter as follows:

Low Cut: 20 Hz
High Cut: 20480 Hz

Also, if you are dealing with a signal not drenched in HF content (such as undistorted acoustic guitar), you can make the effect more pronounced by increasing the negative feedback like this:

Feedback L: -30 percent
Feedback R: -30 percent

(note again the "minus" on those Feedback settings)

Best Rgds,

Base effect

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Hi, Jeremy, which effect in the uMod block do you use as a starting point to apply these settings to please?