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Voicelive Touch 2 - Stock issues in Europe

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Hi all,
I'm new here and have ordered a Voicelive Touch 2 from Gear4Music in the UK but delivery has already been delayed twice. At Gear4Music they tell me that the problem is with TC-Helicon providers that give them unreliable supply dates. As I search the web for European resellers, I can see that the unit is in stock nowhere either and I'm a bit concerned about my order and wondering what the problem might be.
Would any of the people from TC-Helicon know what's going on and tell me if I'll get my unit in a reasonable delay ?
Thanks for your answer, kind regards,
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Re: Voicelive Touch 2 - Stock issues in Europe

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Supply is shipped by slow-boat from China and they do not arrive at fixed dates but can get delayed by several weeks if the weather and other circumstances takes place.

Recently a cargo ship lost a big part of its cargo into the sea due to bad weather...
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Re: Voicelive Touch 2 - Stock issues in Europe

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That may be it.... my unit sunk into the North Sea.... Bad luck for me and the fish !
Thanks Robert for your answer
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