Voicetone G-XT tone control

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I think I need some help with the Tone button on my G-XT pedal. I can not seem to make it flash either on or off. It seems to have only two states, solid on or off. I have checked the firmware and Voicesupport 2 says I am up to date with version 1.2.01 build 25.

Is there something special that needs to be done to get the other two modes of the tone button to work or is mine broke? Appreciate any help given...thnaks!

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Re: Voicetone G-XT tone control

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Here are some users reviews:

"There's a 'touch' to turning pitch correction on and off. Sometimes, if you double-click too fast, it stays on. It just takes a little working with the pedal."

"The manner of double-clicking on the TONE button is peculiar, or at any rate particular. After five or so attempts to double-click it the way it longed to be double-clicked, I finally got it right, and the pitch correct switched off."

"I also had some difficulty engaging and disengaging the pitch correct feature. Finally I found that (at least on my unit) it requires an extremely rapid double click to do it. Much faster than lets say a double mouse click. So if I double click as fast as I can, it toggles the feature, but that seems to be pretty finicky in that respect."