Voicetone Harmony G-XT in Chain with Voicetone D1

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Just wondering if the two mentioned above units can be used in a chain between microphone and mixer? If so, what would be the best order? I have the G-XT and was thinking of adding the D1.

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Re: Voicetone Harmony G-XT in Chain with Voicetone D1

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Hey Mark,
Technically you can chain them, but it's not an ideal pairing. There isn't a great answer for which to put first, either way you're going to be making sacrifices. Ideally the "Tone" effect and any Harmony/Doubling effects should be very first in the chain. You won't be able to effectively use the D1's doubling and the G-XT's harmony effects together. The G-XT should be last if you're using reverb or echo, but then Tone isn't first in the chain. Ugh, yeah sorry there really isn't a solid answer, I think this will just take experimentation on your part and figuring out which effects you prioritize.
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