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Which TC Helicon Product has the best harmonies?

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I sold my VL3 but am trying to make heads and tails of the TC Helicon lineup. I may buy another TC Helicon product.

Which of their products has the best harmonies, i.e. most natural sounding?
A lot of the technology in their products looks to be 8-10 years old and I am wondering which processors/chips/pedal is the newest or offers the best harmonies.

Also, does anyone have any experience with the new Boss VE-500 or the Electro-Harmonix Voice Box?

Thanks and take care
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Re: Which TC Helicon Product has the best harmonies?

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I hope this helped you, After consequent to using the VE-500 for around seven days, I should express this is a Great unit for adding to your vocals. The harmonies ( you can demonstrate 3 ), are spot on. The Menu and UI are definitely not hard to use, and modifying ( including harmonies, reverbs, fx, etc are exceptionally basic. Having as of late had a VE-20, one fantastic upgrade here is the ability to turn takes a shot at/off with the optional footswitch FS-5L or 5U.. Extraordinarily traditionalist also.
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