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19 hours ago

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2 instrument with VL3X

Hi all, I want to make SOLO harmony with my guitar.We are a couple playing acoustic and classic guitar in a restaur ...read more


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mic mechanic 2 getting stuck in red light mode..

All of a sudden at rehearsal the other night my mic mechanic 2 would not react to tap tempo, and the red light would jus ...read more


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TC Helicon Play Acoustic Presets and Preset Editors

I just got a Play Acoustic pedal yesterday, and this is the first time I've used a pedal of any sort. I'm using the late ...read more

12 hours ago

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Midi harmony with VH from sequencer

Hello Spencer, Bought the VK some months ago but just unpacked it. I'd like to trigger Performer VK in midi from my ...read more


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TC Helicon Singthing Pitch button

Just received my new Singthing and there seems to be a problem with the pitch button flickering on and off intermittentl ...read more


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Mic Mechanic or Harmony Singer "Duet"

We get lots of requests for a "2 mic" solution. Some are for a dual channel mic mechanic and some are for something clos ...read more


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TC Helicon vocal processor question

I'm just now unpacking my new (well, used) Play Acoustic multieffects pedal, and I don't quite know what to expect when ...read more


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VLT2 LCD Brightness?

Is there a way to adjust screen brightness on the Voicelive Touch 2?The only option I can find is contrast.