footswitch assignment

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I would like to assign LSTOPERASE to the Hit button on my VL3X . I can assign this function to any of the buttons on the Switch 6 and can even assign this funcion to the button on the MP75 mic, but I can't seem to be able to assign this to the Hit button ( or any button on the VL3X ). Am I missing something or is this another overlooked function ( see below)

TC Helicon also overlooked some key midi control for the VL3X ie: no cc for loop start and stop which the tech department have pointed out will never be addressed with the VL3X as they say they are unable to address this because of the interface.

If I could assign the LSTOPERASE to the Hit button I could solve a major problem as it would enable me to position my midi control BT pedal next to the bottom of the VL3X which would allow me to hit the Hit button ( if I can assign LSTOPERASE to it ) and the BT midi button
( midi cc assigned to STOP ) simultaneously to stop the looper and the Beatbuddy at the same time. Currently The Beatbuddy responds to midi start and stop but the VL3X does not. Being able to assign LSTOPERASE to the Hit button is a work around that could work for me.
If anyone has any ideas or thoughts...

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