jumping from loop slot to loop slot without stopping the music

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"how to" question. sorry for the english

i have 5 songs, using absolute same percussion form and tempo. so i want to switch from a loop slot to another without stopping the percussions.

slot 1-2-3-4-5 all have the exact same wav file for each slot A.
they have different chord progressions pre-recorded on their slot B.

i want to switch between those loop slots without stopping the music.

as far as i find out, i can assign each preset a loop slot, and each loop slot has its own loop triggers and i can use the triggers to switch the loop slot but i dont want to loose any switch-6 keys for it.
i have many song groups with different rhtym patterns so if i start to assign sw-6 keys for them, i am not happy
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Not designed to do that...

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It is true that you can assign one of the built-in effect footswitches to trigger a different loop slot depending on which preset is selected (note: It is the Presets that have loop triggers, not the Loop Slot). You have to use the trigger itself to change slot, as the preset assigned slot does not change if a loop is already playing.

However the problem is that the trigger is instant, not queued or quantised and so:
a) It would take a lot of practice to trigger manually at precisely the correct time
b) In my tests a moment ago, it was impossible to get a clean cut between the two slots in any case. Either the front of the next loop gets cut off, or there is a small gap before the next loop plays

- as I say, it is not designed to do this. I don't believe it is possible to execute this idea to an acceptable standard using the VL3.

thanks for the reply

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is there anything you can suggest to avoid stopping the music? not supposed to be exactly how i planned. you can give any advise. i just dont want to stop between every song.

Re: jumping from loop slot to loop slot without stopping the music

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Hey Hasan,
To me it sounds like you need to take your drum loop outside of the VoiceLive 3... Jeremy's correct that the VL3 isn't really designed for your particular use case, and using looptriggers in this way will require insane robot timing. Something external that can loop your percussion for all 5 songs, and send a MIDI clock signal so that your various VL3 loops all sync up would be ideal. This can be done a few different ways depending on what you have available: a laptop running a DAW, an iOS device sending MIDI clock to a Yamaha MD-BT01, or a dedicated piece of gear like the BeatBuddy or an RC 202 or 505 that the VL3 can MIDI slave to.
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Re: jumping from loop slot to loop slot without stopping the music

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If you record one chord progression to track B and another to track C, then you can use one loop slot for two different songs. Better than nothing.

Or if you have a VL3X, you can record one long backing track with a medley of all the songs.

I had a similar idea like you when I first got the VL3X, wanting to use the triggers for different loops that would fit together rhythmically. No such luck. Quite frankly, I still haven't found out what the loop triggers are good for... :-/
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