some questions about perform VE

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HI, about to pull the trigger on a perform ve.

was looking at the Roland Aira vt-3 for some time, I'm a bit obsessed with formant shifting and pitchshifting vocals, but then i found the Perform VE which seems to have more features than the Aira. Have anyone compared the two? i feel the formant shifting is a bit more "grainy" in the Aira, which is a good thing in my book, but there are really few demos of the perform-ve so its hard to tell. maybe the range of formant shift could be extended in a firmware update?

other things:

Is there a way to disable the drums, i already have drum machines and would probably just trigger the samples by mistake. really like the side-chain feature though, could you lower the volume of drums to zero but still use them to trigger the side-chain?

how does it handle minor scales or exotic scales? I'm no music wizard, but chromatic or "pop scale" seems a bit limited. I been using abletons "autotuna" device alot which is great because you can define the notes however you want, I quite often want the hard-tune to stick to only two or three notes, not every note in a scale, if i use "natural play" and send two midi notes to the VE, would it stick hard-tune to those two notes? or would it try to find a scale with those two notes in it?

maybe there could be a way to send midi notes to the VE and force it to only those notes, maybe hold a button while you send notes to the ve to set your autotune "note bank" or use another midi channel for this. And then you could play the sample synthesis without worrying that you will mess upp the autotune scale

about the sample synthesis:
would it be possible to add a spread parameter, to offset each notes start position a little, just to add "life" to the chords maybe even some stereo spread on top of that.

detune, should be global, i use a lot of modular stuff and sometimes its hard to get in key, so to be able to detune all my instruments in cents up and down is important.

Would it be possible to use an external oscillator coming in to the aux input for the vocoder?

sorry about the long post, great product! needs more exposure!


Re: some questions about perform VE

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Hey Måns,
Hopefully I can answer some of your questions, however it does seems like you're already more advanced than the typical VE user and will certainly feel limited by it...
There's no way to disable just the drums. You can lower the looper's volume level all the way down which would effectively mute the drums, but it also kills the looper.
The only scales the Hardtune effect is capable of is major and minor. There are no exotic scales in this guy. The selection on the center ring of the VE indicates major scales, and minor keys are chosen by just selecting the relative major (eg: you want A minor? Choose C major, same notes!).
There are no additions planned for Perform-VE. That being said, we do (and just recently did) release new firmware with bug fixes. From the feedback we've received though, this little box already has too many features in it, so adding more is very unlikely.
The auxiliary input is just to be used as a backing track, and is not routed through the vocal signal chain. This means you cannot run audio into the auxiliary input and have it go through any of the effects in the VE - what goes in is what comes out.
With all that said, I love my VE and use it often. A lot of the functionality you're requesting can certainly be accomplished with an interface and a DAW, but the plug-and-play nature of this little box makes it pretty compelling for me to play with rather than build up a project on my computer. Perform-VE also supports multitrack USB audio, so you could even just use some of its functions as an external "plugin" with your DAW. If you have any more questions feel free to ask :]
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Re: some questions about perform VE

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Thanks for the replay!

Ok, ye i guessed there wasn't much room for new features.
And thats ok!

Using computers and plugin can do this but i needed something for voice transformations and auto-tuning for my live setup where i don't use a computer, and was really happy to discover the perform ve, seems like a Swiss army knife when it comes to processing vocals, it has a lot more features the the competitors in the same price range!

But I still feel that "custom scales" or something like that is very important, would make it a more professional music product and more usable in a wider range of music genres and styles, everybody needs a bit of autotune right!? Smiley Very Happy

I would sugest that holding the hardtune "key" button and the set button simultaneously would enter some kind if note learn mode for the hard-tune effect where your could send it the notes thats in your scale via midi, then press set again to exit and have your notes set.

maybe have the notes on the led circle light up as an extra graphical representation of the notes selected via midi.

Might be asking a lot i know, but its the one thin that holds me back right now.