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ToniGruber Contributor - Level 1 2019-11-11


VoiceLive3 Harmonica playing

Hi there. Is it possible to get a distorted sound by playing an harmonica trough the voicelive3 ? For me it looks like the frequencies of the harmonica don`t work with the effects of the voicelive. Maybe there is a way to fix this - would be a nice feature. Thanks, and musically regards from austria. datoni

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Re: VoiceLive3 Harmonica playing

Yea,  I pretty much use diatonics now, either standard blues harps or Lee Oskar melody makers. The higher pitched notes don't seem to allow for nearly as many effects, and I need to tread even more lightly than usual on them. What I'm finding interesting and will take me lots of practice, is how cool the sound is with different effects on, while moving between playing single notes and chords. Best - Tod