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Recording with DN9630 to DAW

I'm wanting to get a little better recording than the usb on my Midas M32. I am also running a dante network from my Midas M32 to Dante Bose Amp. I don't know if that matters? do I do it?  

What I have setup right now...Midas M32>DL16>DL16>DN9630>USB - Macbook Pro>Logic

Will that work? Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Recording with DN9630 to DAW


Sorry for asking the obvious questions, but...

How about the I/O buffer size. I seem to remember this device not being very usable at 128 samples. Is it better at 1024?

I'm sure you've checked, but does this same machine have any problems using the mixer's USB card? 

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Re: Recording with DN9630 to DAW

Ok...think I have this figured out...I created a new aggregate device in Audio MIDI Setup even though the "old" one seemed right. I clicked on the KT-USB and checked the Drift Correction box and now all of the audio is coming through correctly.